Custom Joinery, use only premium top quality materials for our projects. Some
of our more popular choices in timbers are:


The most recent new product to the market is ACCOYA Wood which has a life expectancy 60 year. It is a non-toxic and rot resistant material with a wide variety of applications. Accoya® wood can be reused and recycled Accoya® Wood is the result of more than 80 years of research and development that had brought together a long established and extensively proven wood modification technique – acetylation – and leading-edge proprietary technology to create a high performance wood. They key benefits are:

  • Outstanding Durability 50 years above-ground and 25 years in-ground/freshwater durability
  • Swelling and shrinkage reduced by 75% or more
  • Doors and windows open effortlessly year round
  • Reduced maintenance costs because paints and varnishes last up to 4 times longer
  • Acetylation process does not compromise the wood’s strength
  • Hardness is increased – Accoya® wood is 3 times harder than Western Red Cedar and 1.5 times
  • harder than Radiata Pine
  • Easier to coat – less preparation and sanding between coatings required
  • Improved dimensional stability and UV resistance improves the lifespan of coatings
  • Perfect for transparent, translucent and opaque coatings

Learn More About Accoya Wood here

Sapele (Mahogany)

Sapele predominantly from West Africa is a reddish-brown hardwood. Generally it has a random grain appearance. We use Sapele for numerous mahogany like products, for example conservatories, door frames and solid wood doors, furniture and counter tops.

Iroko (Teak)

Iroko is a hard, very solid type of hardwood, it is extremely durable outdoors, and is especially resistant to fungi. Iroko has a golden brown colour and is used in external doors in other external projects where durability is a requirement

White Oak

White oak is a light to dark brown coloured hardwood that can be used in structural,exterior and interior applications. The timber is commonly imported from eastern USA and used for a variety of applications, including furniture, flooring and joinery. With its natural beauty and inherent strength, timber is a popular material choice in internal balustrade construction. Timber joinery products made from white oak offer a classic, unique and stylish touch to any interior projects.